About Us

Starling is paving the way for journalists to use new tools for newsgathering and distribution. By identifying and exploring the use of open-source tools and best practices, Starling prototypes end-to-end systems that track the provenance of digital content.


With applications across journalism, the potential use cases for the Starling Framework are numerous. Our practice is collaborative and impact-oriented. We encourage journalists, academics and technologists to work together to address complex problems and find opportunities at the intersections of media technology. 

Co-founding Institutions

The Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at Stanford innovates by conducting fundamental and applied research to develop hardware and software systems and information technologies. Throughout its 125-year history EE at Stanford has helped create Silicon Valley. EE’s faculty and students continue to advance the state-of-the-art, define new directions for electrical engineering and develop new technologies.

At the University of Southern California, the Shoah Foundation develops empathy, understanding and respect through its Visual History Archive of more than 55,000 video testimonies, education program, and the Center for Advanced Genocide Research. Now in its third decade, USC Shoah Foundation reaches millions of people on six continents from its home at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California.


Stanford Faculty Leadership

Tsachy Weissman, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Founding Director, Stanford Compression Forum
Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science/Electrical Engineering and Co-Director, Stanford Security Lab

USC Faculty Leadership

Kori Street, Interim Executive Director, USC Shoah Foundation
Sam Gustman, Chief Technology Officer, USC Shoah Foundation and Associate Dean, USC Libraries

Starling Journalism Team

Jonathan Dotan, Founding Director
Ann Grimes, Director, Journalism Fellowships
Sophia Jones, Executive Editor, Journalism Projects
Benedict Lau, Chief Technology Officer

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